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Cross Clothe KumaT

The Art works concept is lead to back and forth with others within that space.

Cross Clothe Kuma Dress

The teddy bear will fold the dress, clothing and interior combined fusion.

Cross Clothe Redroom

Cross Clothes creates a new relationship between clothing or the human body and the environment.

Cross Clothe KumaBb

The bag folds to become a teddy bear. The Dress can be a combination of bags.

Cross Clothe Moet

Even when carrying a bottle of champagne, enjoy a teddy bear after finishing drinking!

Konoha Meeting

A small urban park space was surrounded by a complementary works to construct the existing foliage and trees and leaves.

Cross Clothe Heath

The artist has covered an empty house with cushions made of kimono cloths and created a soft and calm space.

Cross Clothe KT

The artist recognized the importance of the social nature of clothing fabric, when she encountered kimono fabric.
co-sponsor : BEAMS

Cross Clothe Kuma6

Expand the bag of the original design, Paul Smith in 2006 (London) also select Mori Museum of Art & Design Store, at Roppongi Hills (Tokyo).